St Patrick's Day Activities

Here’s some activities you can try with your child if you’re wanting to work on some fine motor, gross motor, visual perception, and sensory skills. Some activities are for younger children and some are for older children, so you will need to decide what’s appropriate for your child. If you’re looking for something more specific or for a different age group, message me and I will try to get you some new activities.

Visual Perception/Visual Motor

  • St. Patrick’s Day Hidden Objects – Find all the items pictured in the St. Patrick’s Day worksheet. There is a worksheet with all the hidden objects highlighted for you to make sure your child was able to get them all. Depending on the level of difficulty and skills you want to work on, you can have your child circle, color in, or use a dauber to dot the objects. Feel free to color the picture when done. (answer key)

Fine Motor

  • Get the Gold! – I have 1) yellow pompoms and 2) a small bucket (wrapped in black construction paper) and 3) a large spoon/chopsticks pictured. Your child can use a regular spoon, anything small and round, and any bowl to scoop the “gold” out of a small box and dump it into the “leprechaun’s pot”.
    • More difficult – Fill a large bowl or cake pan with water. Put pennies in the container and use a spoon or spatula to scoop out the “gold coins” and drop into a bucket.
    • You can also have your child scoop out the pennies and drop into a piggy back to work on pincer grasp.
  • Hole Punch the Shamrock – I have attached a picture of the shamrock I used with dots around the edge. Take a hole punch and punch out the holes. (You will need to cut down the paper to make sure you can get the hole punch in all areas)
    • More difficult – Have your child take a shoe lace or piece of yarn to lace up and down through all the holes they just punched out.

Handwriting/Visual Motor


  • Sensory Bin – Have your child find coins in a bowl of rice or pasta.
    • More difficult – Categorize the coins in the correct amounts.
  • Rainbow Letters – Cut strips of 2”-3” colored paper (red, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange-or whatever you have). Tape the paper strips beside each other in a cake pan. Put rice or sand to cover bottom of pan (You don’t need much). Have your child practice forming letters in the sand or rice and the letter will look like they’re made of rainbow colors.


  • Writing prompt – What would you do if you found a pot of gold? Your choice of 1-3 paragraphs depending on your child. Be specific. Use full sentences. Make sure to capitalize and punctuate.