Cool Beans Therapy Clubhouse (CBTC) now accepts some insurance plans and is continuing to increase our in-network insurance list. We are currently in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and Cigna. We are also out-of-network for AETNA. Parents are encouraged to submit receipts to any insurance providers for which we are not considered credentialed and CBTC will assist in any way possible to help you collect insurance reimbursement. For any in-network insurance plans, parents are responsible for any copays at the time of service. For all out-of-network insurance plans or plans with which CBTC is not credentialed, parents are responsible to pay the session fee in full at the time of service.

Fee Schedule

  • Evaluation: $250*
  • 60 Minute Therapy Session: $120* (Average)
  • Private School Consultation: $100/hr
  • IEP/504 meeting (In-Person): $80/hr
  • Parent Seminar/Workshop: $100/hr
  • Teacher In-service: $120/hr

* At Cool Beans Therapy Clubhouse (CBTC) we recognize how expensive skilled Occupational Therapy services can be and how difficult it may be to afford necessary services. Cool Beans Therapy Clubhouse offers discounted rates! Just mention you are interested in our private pay options when calling for information and scheduling your first appointment.

Skill Improvement Group Fees

  • Social: $20/week = $120 for 6 weeks
  • Handwriting: $25/week = $150 for 6 weeks
  • Sensory: $25/week = $150 for 6 weeks
  • Fine Motor: $25/week = $150 for 6 weeks
  • Kindergarten Readiness: $25/week = $150 for 6 weeks
  • Move, Learn, and Play: $25/week = $150 for 6 weeks

Fees for Skill Improvement Groups are dependent on the skill focus for each group. Maximum number of participants allowed, minutes per weekly session, and number of weekly sessions are dependent on type of Skill Improvement Group. Payments for groups are split in two installments, half by first group session and half by midterm session.

Telehealth Service Fees

Telehealth Consultation: For parents who want to work on skills with their child, but may not know what types of activities would be beneficial or how to go about finding those activities. These services are not considered skilled services as no formal evaluation is completed. Telehealth Consultation services are not billable to insurance and payment is due prior to receipt of summary report.

  • Telehealth Consultation (Initial): $60 Includes a 45-60 minute consultation with parents via video conference call to discuss parental concerns, challenge areas, areas of interest, and a quick overview of skill level. A summary report and specially tailored list of resources (websites, worksheets, and activities) to use for skill practice will be emailed within 24 hours.
  • Telehealth Consultation (Follow-Up): $30 Includes a 20-30 minute follow-up video conference call to discuss updated skill level, progress toward general goals, any difficulties with activity implementation, and modification of general goals. A summary report and updated list of specially tailored resources (websites, worksheets, and activities) to use for skill practice will be emailed within 24 hours.
  • 30 Minute Telehealth Therapy Session: $30
  • 45 Minute Telehealth Therapy Session: $45 It is recommended to contact your insurance provider prior to initiating Telehealth services to determine insurance requirements and coverage. Some insurance providers only cover in-person therapy services. Telehealth Therapy sessions are only provided for established clients at this time. All initial evaluations must be completed in person at the Clubhouse or in home.

Visual Consultation Fees

Note: Pricing reflects cost of materials and production time of therapist. All Visuals Consultations include a written summary and tips for how to successfully use the visuals. No profit is made from the visuals themselves. This is a service provided to assist parents with improving transitions, direction following, daily tasks and organization.

Visuals Consultation services are not billable to insurance for reimbursement as they are not part of a prescription treatment plan.

  • Visuals Consultation at CBTC clinic: $20 + Visuals package
  • Visuals Consultation via (HIPAA compliant) private Telehealth video conference: $20 + Visuals package
  • Visuals Consultation In-home: $35 + Visuals package
  • Directions and Commands
    • 10 visuals laminated with color background: $5 OR 50 visuals laminated: $20
    • 10 visuals laminated with color coordinated background on binder clip: $6 OR 30 visuals laminated with color coordinated background on binder clip: $15
  • Reminders and Signs:
    • 5 reminders or signs laminated on color background: $3
  • Sequences
    • 3 sequence visuals laminated on color background: $5
  • Schedules:
    • 1 schedule on folder background with “All Done” pouch (including up to 30 visuals laminated with Velcro dots): $30
    • 1 schedule on laminated paper for independent checklist (including up to 15 listed visual tasks): $20
    • 1 schedule (including up to 30 visuals laminated with magnetic tape for altering schedule as needed on dry-erase board or metal surface): $15