COVID-19 Procedures

  1. All parents are asked to keep your child at home or call at your earliest convenience to cancel a session or notify the therapist of absence from a group if your child or anyone in the household has a temperature, cough, congestion, runny nose, or any symptoms associated with COVID-19. (*You will be asked if anyone in your household has been ill with any of these symptoms in the last 7 days prior to registering for a group.)
  2. Limited group sizes: All Skill Improvement Groups are capped at 6 participants. To limit the number of people inside The Clubhouse, all parents are being asked to wait in their car for the duration of the class time. Although we prefer parents to be able to observe the session to ask questions and improve carryover at home, everyone's health and safety is our priority and limiting the number of persons in the Clubhouse is recommended.
  3. Groups and one-on-one sessions will be staggered to maintain a 30-minute window between sessions. This will allow time to clean and disinfect all equipment. All surfaces (i.e. door handles, tabletops, puzzles, games, equipment) will continue to be cleaned and disinfected prior to each session, whether or not it was used in a previous session.
  4. All parents are being asked to escort their child to The Clubhouse entrance. Once your child is with the therapist, a temperature will be taken using a no-contact, infrared thermometer to assure all group participants are fever free. Any child with a fever will be asked to return home, but may attend the next session barring no fever for at least 48 hours. Parents can return at the scheduled end time to pick up your child from The Clubhouse.
  5. At the start and conclusion of each session, both the therapist and each child will use hand sanitizer, provided by Cool Beans, for disinfection.
  6. Parents will be emailed a session summary to limit contact.

Step 1: Select a group

Available Groups: