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Screen-Free Activity Options

  • Activities Without Screens: This is a list of options (with coinciding visuals) for a child to choose fun activities not involving screens.
  • Teen Summer Activities (No Screens): A list of 50 non-screen options for a tween/teenager to choose from to help spend their summer days.
  • Teen Summer Checklist Schedule: An example of a schedule to help limit screen time while providing a responsibility checklist and provide a way for a tween/teen to determine their own schedule with a little guidance.

Remote Learning Guide

Remote Learning for the ADHD Student

This information is intended to help parents assist with setting up an organized workspace to improve success with independent learning for their child with ADHD. It can be used for any child to help with organization needed for improving transitions, preparedness with materials, work completion, and overall independence. Pictures are included and labeled to demonstrate what an organized workspace for a remote student might look like.

Working from Home - Reducing Interruption

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