Skill Improvement Groups

Many learners demonstrate difficulties with homework completion, handwriting, socializing, or motor skills like cutting, balance, and coordination. Although difficulties may be seen, a student may not qualify for school or private therapy services because the impact may not be large enough to warrant therapy. We realize how difficult the struggle is to complete homework, participate in everyday physical education classes, complete fine motor and art projects, or even enjoy games and recess time.

Cool Beans Therapy Clubhouse (CBTC) provides Skill Improvement Groups for any child, no matter the skill gap. This is a great way for students who might not qualify for services, but may still benefit from some extra practice with a skilled therapist and peers who are working on some of the same areas.

Skill Improvement Groups include:

Fine Motor

  • Cutting
  • Stringing beads
  • Pincer grasp

Gross Motor

  • Bilateral coordination
  • Balance
  • Reciprocal movements
  • Movement sequencing
  • Overhand throwing and kicking


  • Letter formation
  • Spacing
  • sizing


  • Prewriting strokes
  • Grasp

Sensory Groups

  • Identify emotions
  • Identify sensory needs
  • Identify calming choices
  • Identify sensory activity choices
  • Communicating frustration
  • Self-advocacy

Social Groups

  • Turn taking
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Social interaction
  • Social cues